Interview // Antonella Gambotto-Burke

What is one of your most stand-out (either good or bad) memories from your writing career?

Receiving my first cheque from the Sydney Morning Herald when I was 15. I was screaming with joy. Fifty dollars! A fortune! (I think they still pay writers the same amount.) 

Completing the text for Apple: Sex, Drugs, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine. So much work and thought went into the book – it’s just enormous, so the exhilaration was real. 

Selling the first long, serious poem I wrote since school a couple of weeks ago: A Call to Light. I was incandescent, dancing around the house. 

Being offered a weekly column in the books pages of the Weekend Australian. I’m working for investigative journalist and author Caroline Overington, which is in itself a thrill as I have adored her for years. I love the reading, the thinking, the writing – it’s all just so much fun. You can find some, but not all, of my pieces here. 

– from Holly-Beth Quinn’s interview with me for Fashion Industry Broadcast, published here.

Photograph by Quentin Bacon taken at The Colour Factory, Manhattan

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