My interview with Marilyn Manson #throwbacksunday

Below, an excerpt from my interview with alt rock star Marilyn Manson, whom I interviewed in 2007. Here he calmly discusses choking, spitting at and hitting his mother. I’m actually writing about this sort of thing at the moment in my new book Apple: Sex, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine, which will be published early next year.

Manson sounded relatively sedated throughout the interview and only became annoyed once, for which I was thankful. Other than the domestic violence towards his mother, substance abuse, general perversity and abusive incidents involving minorities, he was actually kind of charming.

You can find the full interview in MOUTH, my anthology of interviews with an assortment of scoundrels, wastrels, monsters and heroes.

MOUTH is available as an ebook here and through all the international branches of Amazon ?

Marilyn Manson interview © Antonella Gambotto-Burke

Cover shot by Quentin Bacon

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