Penny Rimbaud interview

I’ve been approached by a number of people regarding my interview with CRASS founder, musician and author Penny Rimbaud, so here it is – #4 on the list.

My experience with Penny was interesting. I found him colourful – a shockingly handsome man – but also fundamentally patriarchal, typical of his generation in this respect. Penny sees himself as evolved, but his body language, use of space, and much of his ideology amounts to the usual half-baked Summer of Love platitudes dressed up to seem radical: same old. I go into significantly more detail about this in my book, Apple: Sex, Drugs, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine, not about Penny in particular, but the beliefs to which he subscribes.

We need people like Penny – colour and energy and music are fundamental to a meaningful society – but philosophically speaking, he’s not particularly relevant. Having said that, I loved the way he really makes an effort to understand existence. And his aesthetic is glorious.

Photograph by John Gentile

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